Tena slip maxi bath pampering 2019 Faye Taylor Diapers, No Boys

Im having a wonderfully relaxing retreat in the bath Im not wearing much of anything! The water is warm and fine, and so are tightly secured into a Tena Slip Maxiwhat? :-RRB- Im sat cross legged in the middle of the bathtub to be able to show myself off. I have an assortment of lovely bath products and Ive even added something to the water itself, to make it a pink colour! Every time I proceed in the bathtub, and the feel of the water has come to be slick too, I savour of it lapping from the plastic of my own Tena Slip Maxi the amazing feeling! And I adore the fact that my Tena Slip Maxi is totally submerged, and getting a complete soaking on the exterior, despite the fact that it is still clearly visible through the pink tub water:D I shoot a bath oil and apply it generously in my own skin, before slowly massaging it, starting with my arms and moving onto my little legs. I provide my body a second stink down, and then take some soap that is special, and so are thrilled to find that its rotation my skin equally red and yellow! And when Im feeling moisturised and new, I take an flannel which has my name on it, and provide me a closing tidy. This is a Really relaxing bath really, but I just know that having a wet Tena Slip Maxi around my crotch has only added to the pleasure;)

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