Sexy blonde Reagan Lush is the daughter of a guy. I’m determined to find access to his bank accounts that was overseas by tormenting her until she gives exactly the info to me and capturing his girl. I have the bombshell bound standing against to a wooden plank and now she ´s been all night dressed in her micro bikini that is green with the top stretched tight with her tits almost busting exposing her nipples. I put in the warehouse where I’ve her stashed. I smack her around the face. I start the interrogation that is overall and she won’t talk. I poke and prod with my sharp claws in belly and her taut stomach then abdomen punch her a bunch of times before she gasps for breath. She claims she doesn´t know the info and t cease tormenting her belly & severe; that I don. I use the tens unit pads onto her stomach and start with a low setting as she is questioned by me. The bimbo that is obstinate refuses to give up any information. I jack up the speed until its top and soon she moves outside. When the huge tit awakens the plank is a table high and Reagan is about her back. The pads on her belly I wake her offering her another opportunity to talk until I begin. I alter the settings to create the power when she fails. I am determined for her to tell me where her dad has his cash stashed although the helpless girl is magnificent and begs and pleads for mercy. I turn on the unit and jack the strength up before Reagan is sobbing and her belly undulates back pain. I realize she doesn&severe;I am angry at acute & the time that I and t know the info;ve wasted attempting to get this bitch. I crank up the speed to full power watching her body jerk and simmer for a couple of minutes and then leave her to suffer…

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