Lucy Lauren’s first wetting 2019 Faye Taylor Diapers, No Boys

Im so excited as my gorgeous friend Lucy Lauren has come up to see with me. Im wearing a set of Hello Kitty socks, my dinosaur jumper, and quite a soggy ID Slip. Lucy Lauren is currently wearing some adorable socks that are purple, a Hello Kitty jumper, and an cute Crinklz Aquanauts. We are in the living room of the apartment, admiring each others outfits and sitting on the carpet. Lucy tries to come and watch me as much as she can so that we can enjoy being crammed in together, and has just discovered the joys of getting something crinkly and gentle wrapped around her buttocks, if you know exactly what I presume! We’re having such a giggle, and we all get carried away and begin tickling each other all over:-RRB- because she needs to drain herself, All the squirming appears to get triggered Lucy Laurens bladder! But she is somewhat nervous, since she’s never completed a wetting. However, I talk her through it, describing what positions feel the best practices, and also good, and guarantee her. She gives into temptation and gives her Crinklz Aquanauts a great soaking, and Im proud of her. We are soggy and nice. It May have been very first time, however judging by how happy Lucy Lauren seems, I think its safe to assume that this certainly wont be her last;)

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