Evil busty blonde Nadia White has me held hostage gagged and bound. Nadia is maintaining watch over me while her partner in crime is getting the ransom. She’s tired and decides to torment me. The unkind young woman grabs my tits and fondles my pussy while I shout into my gag. She strokes me stocking clad legs and rubs my pussy XXXX me to smell her palms. Consider you she’s taunts because she sucks on it and then places my nipple between her lips. You´re just worth the cash she tells me as she pushes my mind between her large tits and smothers me. I cough and fight, but Nadia hasn´t had her encounter and she climbs on top of me and shoving her bare pussy down on my nose and mouth. My body bucks as I gasp for breath and Nadia just laughs until she becomes tired of this too. She awakens the ropes and also leaves me crying on the bed. I furiously struggle and within minutes I manage to escape the bondage. I tip toe quietly behind the sofa and seize Nadia by the throat wrap a lace cord around her throat and putting the bitch at a choke hold. I cover nose and her mouth and we wrestle onto the ground. Nadia is turning out while I stay cool, calm and composed. I hold her closely until her big blue eyes roll back and she becomes excruciating. Well missy . . You´ve been sided. Your partner in crime is all my son!!! The best fucking dual cross! We&severe;ve been searching for a person dumb enough to fall for this and you my dear match the bill. I rope upward Nadia&extreme;so wrists behind her back crushing her elbows . I bind them together and mix her ankles. I abandon the busty blonde fighting in the bondage. Wiggle your way over to me darlin… I wrap my bare hands round her throat and revel in hearing small miss Nadia begging… Yes my dear, my husband will cover that ransom and me and my son are away to a fresh lifestyle in Europe.

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