Change of Plans Hardtied 2013 Maxine X Bondage, Torture

Maxine X revealed up thinking today was the day she got the roughest fuck of her life. Occasionally there is a change of plans. It had been the afternoon she went she has ever seen. She speaks a whole lot about what she hopes she is going to have the ability to endure, but until she has spent some time using Cyd Black she does not understand what sadism is and what she thinks she will like. He does more than just tie her amazing, oiled-up 34 DDs. He ensures they are at peak sensitivity prior to pulling them tight and attaching clamps. Will Cyd start to whip it once her clit is rubbed raw from the hitachi. Every aspect of her will feel the pain. And the way it is woven by him in with the pleasure will depart her glass-eyed cum-shocked and smiling.

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