Kimber’s Pathetic Hillbilly Sluts (PT.. Subbyhubby 2015 Kimber Woods Crossdressing

After Kimber Woods gets her new sluts act like ponies she decides to observe how much she can turn these two pathetic boys in her sissies. First Kimber dresses them like women and once they are, she makes them both dancing. Humiliating her new sissies sluts Kimber informs them they aren’t dance the perfect way and they better dance more like girls or they will not enjoy what comes next. Soon she’s her new sissy sluts dance on each other and when she has had enough she informs them to wander like girls and curtsy. When these sissy boys get done attempting to please their Mistress she points out that some thing is missing. She walks into her fresh sluts and begin to put lipstick and after she’s done she forces them now lipsticked sissies to kiss each other or else.

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